Fairy Houses, rain water, and new shoes

Ain't it a thing of beauty? The Imp is convinced that faeries are nice, wish granting creatures who are happy and playful. I've tried explaining to her that most faeries are NOT nice and playful. They may grant wishes, but at a very high cost. Mostly they like to steal babies, cause mischief, and play tricks on humans. But, hey, she's a kid. I'll let her have her make-believe.

Some of Brian Froud's "Dark Faeries"

If you don't live in Texas, you may not know that we had a rather large deluge this morning. The kiddie pool you see below was dry this morning before the storm. The kids found this to be a great source of amusement, much to Hubby's dismay. Hey, they're kids. They're gonna get dirty. I'd rather them get filthy and play outside than stay clean and cooped up in the house on their arses all day.

But this, of course, led to one inevitability: the need for new shoes. You see, the yard has several patches of bare dirt, which is now mud. Couple that with a pool full of water and two children and you have a muddy mess. The shoes were beyond hope. So, after we all got cleaned up we went out and got 2 new pairs of shoes for each child. I think that's a small price to pay for a happy kid, right?