Revisiting The Keyhole Garden

If one were to look back at my many attempts at starting a small veggie garden, one would see nothing but disaster and death (of some poor, innocent veggies and seedlings). The Texas summers can be brutal and can kill veggie gardens pretty quickly even if you have a sprinkler system in place. So I researched the keyhole garden. You can find the original post referring to it here. I'll admit it: I was worried this one would also be a fiasco. My husband was also worried as we've spent a pretty penny on gardens the last 3 seasons. I was determined that this one not fail.

And so far, we have not been disappointed.

To keep the critters out I made a cage with
a door and covered the top with lattice twine
Added companion plants around the top like
geranium, marigolds, and snap dragons

The pumpkin was doing SO great, that it
covered up the watermelon. After trimming it
I think it will be okay

As you can see, the pumpkin is doing great

Only two of my carrot seedlings survived
the transplant and unexpected multiple frosts
I don't know if this is broccoli or
cauliflower. The marker is missing!

So, I'm pretty pleased with this so far. It seems to be working rather well; much better than any other attempts I've made before. I'm going to plant more carrot seeds and some lettuce, too. Hopefully we'll have an edible crop, soon!