The Unbaby Shower

I never had a baby shower with either of my kids. Don't know why I didn't but, eh. So, now that we've come to the conclusion that I won't be having any more kids I have been curious about something: Are there UNbaby showers? And the answer is yes, yes there are. And I want one. So what is an UNbaby shower?

Well, you have LOTS of booze. 'Cause, you don't need to worry about fetal alcohol syndrome. 

And you give the Old Crone a lot of white pants, I guess.
And, of course, fun with tampons!

But, I think we'll pass on the uterus cake. It's kinda gross.


But I totally expect lots of cards and laughs. 

I also expect there to be some sort of ceremony for the right of passage from mother to crone. I'm okay with it, I accept it. I won't be OLD, really, but I won't be the maiden any more, either. I want some sort of acknowledgement of this, dang it! Something really..."witchy". Something that shows that I've come down my path and reached my new stage in my life of wisdom and strength. Peace and knowledge...they all flow through the crone. And I want that...and I want to accept it and hold it. It's time for this transition for me.