Oh, I know...I hit the mother load with this one. Some of you may know that I am pro-gun control. Now, before some of you go running off to grab your shotguns and pitchforks and tricorn hats, let me say that I'm NOT anti-gun. There is a difference.

I don't want "gun control" and I don't want every one to give up their firearms. What I do want, is responsible gun owner-ship and maybe some fucking self control. What is responsible gun ownership to me? It means you don't leave a loaded weapon laying around. It means you don't let other people use it. It means you clean it properly and maintain it. It means you train yourself how to use it and be safe with it. It means you don't buy a goddamned ARSENAL when you happen to have a person in your life who lives with you who may be "a little off".

And now for my questions. Mainly...why?


Why do you (that is a metaphorical "you") need an automatic assault rifle? Why do you need a magazine clip that holds 11 rounds plus one in the chamber? I can understand collecting guns, really, I do. But if you collect them just for the sake of collecting them and no intending to use them...why do you need an expanded magazine? Why do you need to make it automatic? Why, if you're not an actual "collector" do you need 15 weapons in your home? All of these questions confound me. I don't understand the logic behind any of this.

Reasons to own a gun:

1. Fear. Google image search "gun control" or "pro gun" and see what you'll find. It's mainly a bunch of this:

Seriously? The ad on the right is nothing but fear-mongering. I don't even have words. Bad enough that people are paranoid to go out and arm themselves to the gills but now we have to say that their gun isn't deadly ENOUGH?? And equating gun control or gun policies with Hitler and other such dictators is ludicrous. Are there some people out there that want to get rid of ALL the guns? Sure, but I'm not one of them. I don't think getting rid of all the legal guns is a good idea nor is it the solution to the gun violence problem in the US. But guess what? MORE GUNS is not the solution either.

2. Hunting. I have no problem with people who hunt. Seriously, if I could bring myself to do it I would. I find it a noble sport (if you're actually eating or using what you kill rather than just for trophies) and necessary. But...why do you need this to hunt deer?
Is the deer gonna shoot back? Are you worried you'll miss the deer the first 20 times you fire? And if you're not a hunter and you own one of these then I would have to assume you're military or ex-military. Because WHY ON GOD'S EARTH do you need a weapon like this for funzies? Okay, you target shoot and it's fun to shoot. Why do you need to OWN it? Why can't you go to the shooting range and rent that one? You have to go to the range anyway to target practice, so it's not like you'd be making an extra trip. Why do you have to own one?

Deflect, deflect, deflect

Another thing I noticed whenever I Google image searched "gun control" was a large number of pro-life images like these:

 And I have to wonder...

...if you're pro-life... can you be pro-gun? Do people no longer matter once they are born? We should only protect the innocent lives of unborn fetuses? What about the innocent 6 year old that gets caught in the cross fire? Do they no longer count?

What are guns really for?

Guns are for killing things. Period. End of discussion. They were not meant to be used as hammers. They were not meant to be used to cut firewood or providing ventilation to a RV. Guns were designed for long range combat to kill something: be it a person or animal. They have no other intended purpose.

"But what about target shooting guns? Huh?? Those aren't meant to kill people!"
No, they're not. But that's not the ORIGINAL INTENDED PURPOSE of a gun. I'm talking about what guns were designed to do, not what they CAN do now.

 So, what's wrong with some regulation?

Folks, I don't want your guns. I don't want you to give them up to the government. I don't want to have to depend on the government or police for safety. What I want is a little regulation to keep the wackos from having too many guns. That's all I want. No insane people with weapons. Seems like a good rule, right?


  1. Well I guess that leaves me out of the gun ownership pool.


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