The Ramble

I'm currently sitting outside, in the dark, wishing it was a full moon. I got my beer, got my (husband's) tablet, and a brain full of thoughts that are kind of random. So why not immortalize it forever on the internet, right?

As is tradition in our family, today we said goodbye to Danny by sending him a balloon. I know, it's probably not the most eco-friendly way to get closure but it's something the kids can grasp. And normally it's not quite such a fiasco.  I had picked the kids up from school and we went to the party supply store to buy a few balloons. I wanted to get at least three because I knew the Bug, being two, would freak the hell out if we got one balloon and set it free. So I bought a bright red balloon and the Imp picked out a frilly ivory one with scrolls on it. After explaining to the Imp why I was unwilling to purchase a bag of goody-bag toys for her use alone, we managed to make it out of the store. Where the balloon promptly rubbed against a tree and popped.

Back in the store I went and they were nice enough to give me a new one at no charge. I noticed the girl inflating the new balloon put A LOT of helium in the new balloon but I didn't think much of it. The balloons did make it safely home.

Pulled the kids out of the car and handed the ivory balloon off to the Imp with explicit instructions to not let it go. I went to grab my camera and return to find the Imp staring at the ceiling mumbling about it just came out of her hand. We have vaulted ceilings. I get a wad of tape and attach it to a broom handle and get it down. As I am pulling the tape off oh-so-gently the balloon pops. I stand there quietly for a moment, trying to decide what emotional outburst would be most appropriate around a seven and two year old when the Imp says "Don't worry, Mommy, we can send Danny a balloon tomorrow." That should have been my reaction but, no! I was determined this was going to happen today!

"Nope! We are doing this today, guys!" I announced and dragged the kids and the red balloon outside. The Bug was thrilled to be outside and when I told them to say goodbye to Danny he sort of tossed a "bye Danny!" over his shoulder and ran around the yard. The Imp said a quiet goodbye and with a small "I'll miss you" let it go. That's when the Bug noticed the big red balloon floating off into the sky. He looked at it, then me, then it and turned back to me with an expression of utter disgust. As if to say, "why the hell are we letting a perfectly good balloon sail off?!" To prevent a huge meltdown I began waving frantically at the balloon saying "Bye Danny! We'll miss you!" My son continued looking at me like I was a complete moron and gestured to the balloon shrinking in the distance. I made out "Oh no! Balloon! Danny?" I assume this is his way of saying "what does a dog who seems to have vanished need with a damn balloon, mother?" He had a point.

We managed to get through the rest of our little memorial without a fit, so I think it worked out okay. Obviously he has no idea that Danny is dead or not coming back. I think he may have said "where Danny?" at some point, but he was soon forgotten when he noticed his sister playing with something he identified as his.

I think I'll go inside now. There's hardly any breeze and it's still over 80°  outside. And I apparently taste yummy to mosquitoes. Inside I go!

I sure wish I could see the moon, though.