I hate slugs. Hate hate HATE slugs. Look at these little fuckers...

They are here to fuck your shit up. They have no other purpose! That just want to eat your plants and laugh at you. Slimy bastards.

And these assholes aren't any better. But at least they make a satisfying *crunch* when you step on them.

"Oh, but Kate! It's just another one of God's creatures..."
FUCK YOU. It's a slug...kill it with fire. 

I used to feel really bad about salting slugs. Poor things! They're just minding their owner business and then BAM they're melting. But now that I think about it...

 Let the fuckers melt. I WANT TO SEE THEM ALL MELT!!!

Drown slow and painful, my friends. Slow and painful.


  1. You have one high class garden using plates like that as slug death traps!


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